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    Di Pubblicato il 26-08-2013 14:35
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    TeamGT would like to congratulate Mivano Thrustmaster Xteam for their win in STC Blue Cup 2015 and Iberica Racing Team for their second place in the standings.

    A big thank you goes to every team which took part in the championship, with special thanks to those who honored the competition by showing up in every single race, up to the last one even though they maybe were not always racing for top spots.

    We would like to point out that STC has been put on hold until further notice: consequently, the Black Cup scheduled for next October is cancelled.

    Huge kudos to Racespot TV for the passion and competence shown in every broadcast.

    Itís been an honour for everyone at TeamGT having the opportunity to race such talented and fair competitors.

    TeamGT Staff

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